Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last week I got the very fun job of coming up with nine sexy sparkly little fairies. I enlisted Martin Bray to extend the costumes into the skin with some fabulous body painting

Still Life

In keeping with GFC sensibilities on flexibility I decided to turn my hand to still life styling for my regular client GW magazine. This is my handiwork and I am quite proud of it as a first attempt. Much credit does need to be given to Geoff Boccalatte, as well as being a great photographer he is a great collaborator. To see more click here

Mini Coke

This fun new Mini Coke campaign I styled has just been published in the prestigious Achieve magazine. Shot by Chris Barlow with creative by Raj Rabindranath it celebrates the world wide release of Mini Coke cans. The quirky styling and considered characters styling offer a fun insight into the wacky world of Mini Coke. To view more click here

Modern Tux

Two lovely stories came out in April issues of Good Weekend magazine, Modern Tux and Sexy Secretary. Shot by Duncan Robinson they feature some great classics, Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo alongside young designers Silence is Golden and Chelsea de Luca. I love the polished sexiness, to see more click here

Optus - 'We're right behind business'

Part of a ten shot Optus campaign shot by Damien Pleming with creative by Paul Carpenter. It is the first time in many years that Optus has branched out from shooting just animals. Paul had the daunting task of having to continuously come up with animal shadows and business situations.
It was a bit of stylist dream with beautiful locations, tailored business wear and clean minimal textures. To view more images from this campaign click here

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gun Amnesty

I worked on this great campaign for Gun Amnesty with the very talented Toby Burrows and the clever boys from DDB. The campaign, which shows acts of violence caused by unregistered guns had to feature only talent with impeccable police records, which proved harder than it looks! Chrissie Wright and I styled it by stripping back the found locations and in some instances decades of dirt to create this gritty tone. To view the whole campaign click here