Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Maggi Fusion

Eat the Noodle, Live the Noodle’… this ancient Maggi mantra was the tag line for a creative campaign we were brought in to style for  photographer Julian Wolkenstein. All hands on deck saw Janai, Jo & Pete hunting from Cabramatta to ChinaTown for perfect Asian gangster, metallic suits. Pete playing mannequin for most of the pre-pro, Bruce Lee certainly would have been proud. Using our insider seamstress connections, JAS was able to come up with the ideal custom-made gold tracksuit perfect for that authentic early morning tae-chi session down in the Chinese Gardens of Friendship. Make-up and Hair by the wonderful Margo Regan, Noodle wrangling by Pete using hairspray, glue and who knows what else, it was a fun series and awesome group effort from all. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pepe Sayar Butter

Butter and Glam go hand-in-hand didn’t you know? Well when it comes to the gourmet butter of Pepe Saya this rings true. Talented Henryk Lobaczewski brought Jo from JAS in to sexify and sultrilise the indulgent, creamy condiment. Set in the beautiful French Becasse restaurant, we see two blinged up babes having a somewhat out of body experience whilst gorging on Pepe’s famous buerre (that’s French, for butter). The elaborate interior of the restaurant was matched with elegant jewellery and luxurious textiles in the girls’ clothes. Silks, furs, diamonds and velvet… we wanted to elude expensive, and we did. Matched with big hair and bold lips by the wonderful Amelia Axton. By the end of the day it was hard to see where the models acting ended and actual enjoyment began!... that’s some good butter.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Earlier this year a massive campaign for Pump flavoured waters hit the streets… seen on buses, billboards, train stations plus more, and JAS was lucky enough to be involved behind the scenes. Janai teamed up with photographer Ian Butterworth to capture the fresh excitement linked to the infused water drinks. Custom spray-painting inflatable boat tow-rings to match pop colour cozzies, and perfecting the ideal water splash! Working on specially built scaffolding in Sun Studios, with mini swimming pools, buckets and mops, it was a wet and wonderful day, leaving everyone looking forward to summer and the sun. A special shout-out must go to the talent who had to bob in icy water all day!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Magpie Darling - Push It

Ads may be our bread and butter, however editorial is a creative release. One such editorial has been picked up by online mag Magpie Darling,  ‘Push It’ shot by Amanda Austin.  Using this exploration of colour blocking, we worked with Amanda to adapt this seasonal trend by adding tones and textures to the mix. The depth is created by tints and shades of similar colour ways per outfit. Creating this colour wheel series offers an eye catching, stimulating piece. Matching structured tailoring, strong eyes and brows by Make-Up artist Margo Regan, a dominating, fashionable woman is portrayed. 


Friday, June 22, 2012

Bulleit Bourbon

And so the legend goes -: In the 1800s Augustus Bulleit produced some of America’s finest bourbon, but whilst travelling across the Western Plains was thought to have vanished along with the prized recipe… until recently... *queue dramatic music* Matt Hoyle captures an intense mood and evocative tone beautifully in this Bulleit Bourbon campaign commissioned by the creatives at Leo Burnett and styled by Pete and Janai. Pete jumped at the chance to rummage through second hand stores, specialist costume shops and props houses for authentic aged wardrobe pieces and props. He sourced everything from cowhide vests and gun holsters to aged furniture and wine barrels to ensure Janai had an eclectic mix of vintage goodies to work with. Using high tech equipment like instant coffee, matches and sponge… He also constructed the perfect series of burnt parchment and antiqued recipes. Hair and Make-Up credits go to the JAS alliance Margo Regan, who agonized over gluing facial hair, cementing wigs, shaping moustaches and dirtying up the Cowboys and Indians with ‘authentic Western filth’. The end result a menacing bunch of mugs. Yee-haa indeed.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Night Hawking - Deluxx Digital

Speaking of crafty, Janai takes on the night, teaming up with photographer Amanda Austin and Margo Regan to create a series of conspicuous beauties for Deluxx Digital magazine. The use of textured environments and the vignette nature of car headlights brought a mysterious life to the final selects from this series. Janai took the theme ‘Clashing Prints’ (one of this seasons predicted trends) and added a fast-fashion edge by dressing it head to toe. Tailored suits, skirts and accessories take on a new appearance when constructed in such organic prints. Ranging from florals to moonscapes, the over all colour palette was a kaleidoscope of natures own tones. The strong prints came from recognisably key designers like Lisa Ho, Gucci, Zimmerman, Romance Was Born and Just Cavalli. However included some more obscure brands such as Karmatique, Steele, Kobe Husk and Ms Fitz. The overall grittiness of the final images adds to the consistent textures from apparel, to hair, to environment. Even the posing of beautiful model Katarina brought a sensual layer of ‘Tropical Heat’ grit to the shoot. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hungry Jacks

Loaded down with morning suits, top hats, tails and grungy street wear Janai and Jo teamed up with Al Morrow and Jungleboys to create a comical TVC capturing the genuine bemused reactions of unsuspecting members of the public at being lavishly pampered and fed Hungry Jacks whilst walking to work! Such an affair required us to source bespoke costumes to the likes of an NYC style doorman and custom made removalists uniforms in record turnaround time, a challenge we welcomed with open arms.  We love a job demanding all hands on deck and were particularly impressed with Sam Asher who personally modified our ‘hero’ Lazy-Boy sofa so that our talent could be reclined by a strategically placed handle and effectively shocked into comfort once seated! Battling the elements, Janai and team were determined to ‘make good TV’ whether rain, hail or shine. The prep, production and editing taking only 8 business days in full… that has to be a TVC record somewhere. Juggling the choreography of buskers turn violinatta, stunt removalists and fast-food fine dining the result is a comical series of strategically planned cues which send the lucky passer-by through a theatrical “Hungry Jacks Experience”…  the Eggs bene’ muffins weren’t bad either…

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Smilemaker - Fantasy Man

We were left a little speechless when presented with a brief that involved naughty toys and minimal clothing. Of course JAS naturally obliged, although locating the perfect spandex posing pouch proved more difficult than first envisaged! The styling team had their hands full… of wood chips and furry rugs, sequined accessories and trimmings galore to bring to life these provocative images shot by Julian Wolkenstein for Smilemaker; an interactive website where the viewer teams their hunk of choice with wardrobe accessories and locations they desire. This particular project married the styling techniques of old, with the advertising means of the present and future. The ‘Interactive Ad’ challenged the JAS team, as for it to be successful the layers of each beautiful image must work alongside the layers of the next, and intermix each time to create a contrived scenario! But with a keen eye for detail and visionary imagination, the job was done. Check out the end result at the below link… Jo has a soft spot for Jungle Wayne… http://fantasyman.comeplaywithus.com

Friday, May 18, 2012


JAS were delighted to team up with Abe Forsythe and the team at Jungleboys to create a series of suggestive commercials for Sunbeam. As always loving the opportunity to delve into our ever-expanding stock wardrobe when a plethora of outfits is required! This particular execution is our fave; chocolate cake meets tongue in cheek innuendo. Delicious.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Every so often a brief comes along that gets us thinking creatively and a little left of centre. One very brief was that of the pharmaceutical brand Atacand who, for their blood pressure medicine, came up with the tag line “Some thing’s just belong together”. Building a living room in Sun Studios, Janai & Pete adorned it with retro wallpaper, animal hide accessories and knick-knacks right out of the swinging 60’s and sexual 70s. Using talent’s own embellished jumpsuits and capes it was just a matter of fitting the environment around the outfits. Photographer Jeremy Park captured a proud yet comical portrait style with the personalised living space making it appear to be Elvis’s own. A second execution captured in the same style shows the Best-in-Show Bichon-Fris owner and pup caught in a similarly proud moment, surrounded by puppy love mugs, professional photographs, competition ribbons and doilies - total reflections of their universe. A fun and memorable project for all involved.