Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sony Panorama

A less physically exhausting but just as poignant job that JAS has been involved in this season was for Sony with photographer Andreas Bommert. Art Director Nils Eberhardt conceived several panoramic adverts depicting polar opposites interacting at an incredible distance. We see Little Red Riding Hood meeting The Wolf, a same dress fashion faux pas between two girls and a tween boy “grossed out” by the cootie infested kisses of a tween girl. Shot in studio and then later machined and stretched, the end result is a long banner of a panoramic environments.

Friday, October 7, 2011

National Gallery of Australia

We were approached to help promote the National Gallery of Australia’s newly developed sites’ landscape.  Pushing for an international audience, a theme was developed around creating a stereotypical ‘Aussie’ backyard with a shock value. Situating some kitsch iconic props such as a Weber BBQ and manual roller lawn mower, an odd environment was created with ultra modern, geometric lines of the new landscape clashing with the 1950s style family. The Piece de resistance however was Geoff Ostling, whose entire body is covered in tattoos of native Australian flora. A perfect blend into the natively planted landscapes of NGA, Geoff's nude body will certainly draw attention, along with the odd Australian family "living" in the grounds of the National Gallery of Australia. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Further into Spring our entire team was called for all hands on deck, travelling south of Sydney to the Macquarie Pass National Park with photographer Adam Taylor, to shoot Qantas’  ‘Spirit of Luxury’ ad campaign. Using NSW’s natural rainforest as a backdrop, JAS strategically placed exotic, tropical flora to imitate the Qantas Business Class Lounge and it’s own ‘Living Wall’. The renowned red lounges designed specially for Qantas by Marc Newson were transported from Alexandria to the site, and then hauled into the depths of the rainforest.