Friday, May 28, 2010

RAFW 2010 Arnsdorf

Another early morning, this time at the MCA for the Arnsdorf collection entitled 'Opticks'. Nude, raw umber, dusty mauve and brush stroke prints - I was in heaven. The collection explored reflection, refraction, inflections and the colours of light. The garment construction evoked shards of light criss crossing across the body and the prints played with the colours thrown by this exercise. Sunlight poured across the floor on diagonal lines which the models had to walk through. One model per garment meant a pretty special finale.

Monday, May 17, 2010

RAFW 2010 Dion Lee

Once again I have to confess being very biased toward the location. Despite having worked at the Opera house for several years I am always blown away by Jorn Utzon's architecture. I had never been to this reception area of the concert hall and the early morning sun sparkling of the water, brilliant purple carpet and visible 'bones' of the building were very seductive. Dion Lee's collection 'Facade' related strongly to the visible architectural supports with is traditional tailoring techniques, visceral pleating and layers of synthetic mesh that scaffolded the body. Rorschach inkblot prints wrapped the body and echoed the underlying anatomical structure whilst crystals were organically grown around the heels of the shoes adding another transparent structural element. Very cool!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

RAFW 2010 Romance was Born

I have to confess this is the first Romance was Born show that I have attended. I have often viewed the collection on the rack and look books but nothing prepared me for this. As mentioned venue is everything and arriving at the historic University of Sydney building at 10pm is eerie to say the least. The building is only lit from within the walkways by yellow lights, everything else is enveloped in darkness. After climbing several internal staircases decorated with RWB installations we entered an amazing chapel like room. A runway of dirt was bordered with rocks and flora fauna, at the end a limestone grotto created from swamp like tree trunks covered in lichen and moss. The show was more like a theatrical rock concert than a fashion show, instrumental music built anticipation until the audience was cheering every outfit. RWB are known for having some pretty extravagant creations, this time they explored in theory prehistoric dinosaurs entering Renaissance cities. I cant wait to see this collection close up, every outfit represents some kind of jurassic creature and the list of collaborators in creating this show is unprecedented.

Friday, May 7, 2010

RAFW 2010 Therese Rawsthorne


I won't bore you with endless shots from fashion week but here are a few of my favorites. I love offsite venues, the ambiance and drama of the space when well matched to the collection adds so much character. Therese Rawsthorne is favorite of my personal wardrobe, I love the sensual volume, tailored details and soft colour palette. The S/S 10/11 collection builds on this tradition and injects dramatic red, bandage and hardware details into the staple. I love the nude bandage bike short, body suit and heels with pewter bangles worn on the ankle.