Friday, March 30, 2012


Every so often a brief comes along that gets us thinking creatively and a little left of centre. One very brief was that of the pharmaceutical brand Atacand who, for their blood pressure medicine, came up with the tag line “Some thing’s just belong together”. Building a living room in Sun Studios, Janai & Pete adorned it with retro wallpaper, animal hide accessories and knick-knacks right out of the swinging 60’s and sexual 70s. Using talent’s own embellished jumpsuits and capes it was just a matter of fitting the environment around the outfits. Photographer Jeremy Park captured a proud yet comical portrait style with the personalised living space making it appear to be Elvis’s own. A second execution captured in the same style shows the Best-in-Show Bichon-Fris owner and pup caught in a similarly proud moment, surrounded by puppy love mugs, professional photographs, competition ribbons and doilies - total reflections of their universe. A fun and memorable project for all involved.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Good Weekend Travel

Planning your next escape from Sydney’s cooler months? Janai Anselmi Styling has the perfect fashion story for you to read over. Published in the Sydney Morning Heralds ‘Good Weekend Magazine’ last Saturday, we share our secrets and suggestions for the ultimate capsule wardrobe. Interlock your favourite pieces, transforming sophisticated daywear, to a sparkling glam evening look, plus a more active feel for all that on-the-go sightseeing. Teaming up with photographer Geoff Boccalatte, we captured hand picked garments and accessories in a ‘ready-to-pack’ flat lay look. As well as this we compiled on-model outfits shot by photographer Amanda Austin, with hair and make-up by Margo Regan. The end result is a selection of items to suit all climates and tastes of travel. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

La Famiglia

In January we worked with Whybin TBWA and photographer Julian Wolkenstein last month to capture La Famiglia latest campaign for homemade garlic bread. Taking inspiration from impressionist artworks, the scene was set with two professional art-handlers haphazardly caught walking through the background of a dining scenario. In doing so, they create a completely new environment to that of the ‘generic’ dining room or backyard, transporting the diners to a romantic European setting. The high saturation of colours in the wardrobe was drawn directly from the bright acrylics in the paintings. The overall appearance allows the diners to pop directly out of the artwork. A warmth comes from both the daytime and evening execution, tying back to the feel-good energy that one relates to a home cooked meal.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hair & Make Up Artist

The Janai Anselmi Styling team now includes Hair and Make-Up!
After working closely with New Zealand born Margo Regan, we have come to the decision to join forces and offer the packaged deal if so desired. Clients can now enjoy the convenience of ticking off two creative departments, with booking and invoicing compiled into one action. After a 10 year make-up career in NZ, Margo moved to Sydney 12 months ago and since has worked along side JAS on jobs for QANTAS, Jacobs Creek (worldwide) and HSBC just to name a few. Margo is well known for her energetic approach and intuitive fashion touch. For all enquires, contact