Saturday, May 8, 2010

RAFW 2010 Romance was Born

I have to confess this is the first Romance was Born show that I have attended. I have often viewed the collection on the rack and look books but nothing prepared me for this. As mentioned venue is everything and arriving at the historic University of Sydney building at 10pm is eerie to say the least. The building is only lit from within the walkways by yellow lights, everything else is enveloped in darkness. After climbing several internal staircases decorated with RWB installations we entered an amazing chapel like room. A runway of dirt was bordered with rocks and flora fauna, at the end a limestone grotto created from swamp like tree trunks covered in lichen and moss. The show was more like a theatrical rock concert than a fashion show, instrumental music built anticipation until the audience was cheering every outfit. RWB are known for having some pretty extravagant creations, this time they explored in theory prehistoric dinosaurs entering Renaissance cities. I cant wait to see this collection close up, every outfit represents some kind of jurassic creature and the list of collaborators in creating this show is unprecedented.