Wednesday, August 3, 2011

South Cape Cheese

This South Cape Cheese campaign was released in April to coincide with the royal wedding. Working with photographer Matt Hoyle, Janai and Pete created a series of potentially disastrous social events, only to be saved by an adorned platter of delicious South Cape Cheese. A pink sweater wearing mummy’s-boy is introducing the love of his life for the first time… scary goth hardcore girl in high biker boots and shaved pixie hair-cut. A young bride is horrified at the discovery that her mother has made her a meringue-like wedding dress. Three distraught, die-hard, wannabe princesses dressed in matching velour tracksuits, tiara’s and embellished Ugg-Boots sit with make-up streaming down their faces watching the wedding. This shoot called for some extreme sourcing, no stone was left unturned with our team sourcing from Terry Hills, Penrith and the Shire.