Friday, March 30, 2012


Every so often a brief comes along that gets us thinking creatively and a little left of centre. One very brief was that of the pharmaceutical brand Atacand who, for their blood pressure medicine, came up with the tag line “Some thing’s just belong together”. Building a living room in Sun Studios, Janai & Pete adorned it with retro wallpaper, animal hide accessories and knick-knacks right out of the swinging 60’s and sexual 70s. Using talent’s own embellished jumpsuits and capes it was just a matter of fitting the environment around the outfits. Photographer Jeremy Park captured a proud yet comical portrait style with the personalised living space making it appear to be Elvis’s own. A second execution captured in the same style shows the Best-in-Show Bichon-Fris owner and pup caught in a similarly proud moment, surrounded by puppy love mugs, professional photographs, competition ribbons and doilies - total reflections of their universe. A fun and memorable project for all involved.