Friday, June 22, 2012

Bulleit Bourbon

And so the legend goes -: In the 1800s Augustus Bulleit produced some of America’s finest bourbon, but whilst travelling across the Western Plains was thought to have vanished along with the prized recipe… until recently... *queue dramatic music* Matt Hoyle captures an intense mood and evocative tone beautifully in this Bulleit Bourbon campaign commissioned by the creatives at Leo Burnett and styled by Pete and Janai. Pete jumped at the chance to rummage through second hand stores, specialist costume shops and props houses for authentic aged wardrobe pieces and props. He sourced everything from cowhide vests and gun holsters to aged furniture and wine barrels to ensure Janai had an eclectic mix of vintage goodies to work with. Using high tech equipment like instant coffee, matches and sponge… He also constructed the perfect series of burnt parchment and antiqued recipes. Hair and Make-Up credits go to the JAS alliance Margo Regan, who agonized over gluing facial hair, cementing wigs, shaping moustaches and dirtying up the Cowboys and Indians with ‘authentic Western filth’. The end result a menacing bunch of mugs. Yee-haa indeed.