Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hungry Jacks

Loaded down with morning suits, top hats, tails and grungy street wear Janai and Jo teamed up with Al Morrow and Jungleboys to create a comical TVC capturing the genuine bemused reactions of unsuspecting members of the public at being lavishly pampered and fed Hungry Jacks whilst walking to work! Such an affair required us to source bespoke costumes to the likes of an NYC style doorman and custom made removalists uniforms in record turnaround time, a challenge we welcomed with open arms.  We love a job demanding all hands on deck and were particularly impressed with Sam Asher who personally modified our ‘hero’ Lazy-Boy sofa so that our talent could be reclined by a strategically placed handle and effectively shocked into comfort once seated! Battling the elements, Janai and team were determined to ‘make good TV’ whether rain, hail or shine. The prep, production and editing taking only 8 business days in full… that has to be a TVC record somewhere. Juggling the choreography of buskers turn violinatta, stunt removalists and fast-food fine dining the result is a comical series of strategically planned cues which send the lucky passer-by through a theatrical “Hungry Jacks Experience”…  the Eggs bene’ muffins weren’t bad either…