Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pepe Sayar Butter

Butter and Glam go hand-in-hand didn’t you know? Well when it comes to the gourmet butter of Pepe Saya this rings true. Talented Henryk Lobaczewski brought Jo from JAS in to sexify and sultrilise the indulgent, creamy condiment. Set in the beautiful French Becasse restaurant, we see two blinged up babes having a somewhat out of body experience whilst gorging on Pepe’s famous buerre (that’s French, for butter). The elaborate interior of the restaurant was matched with elegant jewellery and luxurious textiles in the girls’ clothes. Silks, furs, diamonds and velvet… we wanted to elude expensive, and we did. Matched with big hair and bold lips by the wonderful Amelia Axton. By the end of the day it was hard to see where the models acting ended and actual enjoyment began!... that’s some good butter.